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NEW YEAR'S Event Lucky Pack (PREMIUM)


HAPPY 2018


Only 3 lucky packs will include SOCKS !
Only 1 lucky pack will include a BACKPACK !

Lucky Pack PREMIUM

Price: 80€
Total value: 100€ -125€
You save: more than 40€
Include: 12 products
You can get any product form the online shop. No B-grades or out of stock items.

T-shirt/pins/patches/notepads/prints/totebag/canvas bag/washi tape/stickers/planners/socks/extras...

This is the only pack that includes a T-shirt. Please choose your size.
I will try to match your preferences, leave in the comment box 3 desired products.

  • size S 99%
  • size M 97%
  • size L 98%
  • size XL 100%
  • size XXL 100%